We offer consultation services to help organizations fulfill their legal obligation to promote equality and combat discrimination, and to develop their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategies.
Our community of experts brings a wide range of expertise to assist your organization with its equality and anti-discrimination work and DEIB strategies through consultation or by joining your project team. No matter your area of expertise, be it HR and Management, Communications and Marketing, or Social and Health Care, we can help you achieve your goals through strategic development and collaborative projects.
Our services are available in Finnish and English, with some members of our community fluent in additional languages such as Swedish, Somali, French, and Arabic.


Advocating equality and creating the change for the better is an ongoing process that requires constant learning and action at all levels.
The Non-Discrimination Act requires employers and organizations to assess and advance equality in their operations, and in certain cases, to draft equality and non-discrimination plans.
In partnership, Equality Inc. enhances organizations’ efforts in equality and non-discrimination by establishing their own Equality Works strategy. Become a Partner and collaborate with us to get support for your current equality initiatives or specific projects within your organization.
Together, we will create a strategy that is not just a plan, but a journey of learning and practical actions that make a lasting impact.

Lectures & Workshops

We believe that to make a difference, we need advocacy driven by up-to-date information and committed support to the process, resulting in concrete actions that create change for the better. We offer variety of trainings, thematic lectures and work shops to support your efforts in advocating intersectional equality and wellbeing in our organisation and communities.
Let’s take your work to another level. We support you with your work for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) with consultation, trainings, and lectures. Join forces with us and work towards equality and wellbeing in all aspects of life.
SAY HEY!  HEY@EQUALITYINC.FI  +358/45 121 0026