Aaro Horsma (he/they) is an accomplished expert in the fields of equality and wellbeing through community work and counselling, consulting and advocating for social change that is rooted in social justice.
Aaro has a long history in human rights advocacy, community development, equality and non-discrimination consulting and a wealth of experience in strategic development. For the past decade, Aaro lead the work of Helsinki Pride Community, piloting pioneering new services and building successful partnerships with other non-governmental organization as well as with municipalities, government agencies and the private sector.
Aaro is driven by people and their stories, creating connections, hope and commitment for solidarity and to the change for better. He is always eager to learn from others and build networks that lead to stronger connections and better understanding between people. Aaro’s expertise is further enhanced by his current studies in cognitive brief therapy, and his previous degrees in Sex Education, Social Services, and Journalism.
Through this work, Aaro is committed to creating positive change and fostering a equal and equitable society for all. “Learning from the experiences of others and having diverse expertise not only makes it easier to understand the world, but also possible to impact it. It teaches us about people around us and about ourselves. And we can change and value most the things that we can understand.”

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