Equality Inc.

Equality Inc., established in 2022, is a community for change and a social enterprise, that aims to tackle social issues related to equality and wellbeing. We are committed reinvest a majority of our profits towards this cause.

The Change for Better

The change for better is made together. Our expertise is based in a community of multidisciplinary professionals with a collaborative, creative and solution-oriented mindset.
Equality Inc. serves as community and a platform for people who want to make a difference. We bring together organizations and their people and the members of our community of experts to make the change for better together.

Community of Experts

We are community that is not just a network, but a place of belonging, learning and growth. Our goal is to create platforms and collaborations that can foster meaningful dialogues and the change for better by people, organizations and communities that are committed to make a difference.
First members of our Community of Experts are Aaro Horsma, Maryan Abdulkarim, Miriam Attias, Hassen Hnini, Juha Kilpiä and Satu Lekola. Horsma is the founder and leading expert of Equality Inc., leading the operations with the support and insights of the Advisory Board formed by Abdulkarim, Attias, Hnini, Kilpiä, Kivistö, and Lekola. The Advisory Board offers a sounding board for our work and helps to test and refine our ideas, as well as lending its diverse expertise and connections to our strategic initiatives. See below to learn more about us
Aaro Horsma
Aaro HorsmaLeading Expert, Founder
Aaro Horsma (he/they) is an accomplished expert in the fields of equality and wellbeing through community work and counselling, consulting and advocating for social change that is rooted in social justice.

Contact Aaro for collaborations and services from consultation, mentoring to groups and courses. Check for more below.

Maryan Abdulkarim
Maryan AbdulkarimExpert, Advisory Board Member
Maryan Abdulkarim (she/her) is an award-winning social discussioner and journalist who has been a regular member of the Jälkiviisaat (“Hindsight”) till 2022.

Maryan has been a lecturer in Equality and Non-discrimination issues at the Vocational Teacher Education Unit of Oulu University of Applied Sciences and has years of work experience in the field of social security.

Maryan is a baker-confectioner with a degree in social services and is completing her master’s degree in sociology at the University of Helsinki.

Maryan has been awarded Kristina of the Year by the University of Helsinki’s Gender Research Institute and Minna Canth by Minna Canth.

Miriam Attias
Miriam AttiasExpert, Advisory Board Member
Miriam Attias (she/her) is an expert in conflict transformation, polarisation strategy and mediation and a non-fiction writer.

Miriam has been working with community- and inter-group conflicts, polarisation, mediation and dialogue for eleven years. She is specificly interested in the dynamics of identity-based conflicts and confrontations of identities and in building good relations.

Miriam holds Master’s degrees in Education and Social sciences. She is the director of the Kone Foundation funded Depolarize.fi project, which started in 2018.

Previously, she worked at the Community MEdiation Centre, where she lead the work and developed methods for neighbourhood conflicts. Before that she worked for Helsinki City Human Resources, in the Immigration division. There she developed workplace mediation for intercultural working communities. Her work has been recognised and in 2020 she was granted the Peace Prize of the Committee of 100, and the ”Dialogue Act of the Year” for her work for mediation and prevention of polarisation. In 2018 her work in mediating inter-group conflict won the main prize of Finnish and European Crime Prevention Award.

Hasseni Hnini
Hasseni HniniExpert, Advisory Board Member
Hassen Hnini (he/him) is an experienced human rights activist specializing in social justice and honor issues.

Hassen served on the board of Helsinki Pride Community from 2016 to 2020, and as the chair 2017 — 2018. Prior to that, he has served in several rainbow organizations in North Africa and Europe.

Hassen is a founding member of Damjin, Tunisia’s first lhbt organization, and served as its chairman for four years. Hinini is also one of the founders of North Africa’s first network of rainbow organizations, Khomsan.

Since the 2011 Tunisian revolution, attitudes towards LGBT people have intensified and hate crimes are widespread. Because of his activism, Hassen eventually had to leave the country.

For his day job, Hassen supports young people with an immigrant background and young adults in challenging situations with her own family or community. Hassen educates professionals in various fields about honor-related violence and related themes that are still taboo.

Juha Kilpiä
Juha KilpiäExpert, Advisory Board Member
Juha Kilpiä is a work-counsellor. He is also an educator, group facilitator and sex pedagog with experience in e.g. a wide range of crisis work, promotion of the wellbeing of children and young people, volunteering and the world of organizations. Juha was a board member of the Helsinki Pride Community 2017 — 2018 and the chair 2019 — 2020.

Juha loves writing and photography and is excited about good dialogue.

Juha works as a work councellor for individuals and groups. The framework is resource-centric.

“The ability to think together is crucial for professional development in your work as well the for the development of the work. The opportunity to look for and explore alternative ways of thinking and acting, to find answers to the question of how exactly I should act, are paramount to working life.

Respect for human uniqueness, diversity and equality should be seen not only in our work with the people we work for, but also with our colleagues. This should also be reflected in working life counselling.”

Satu Lekola
Satu LekolaExpert, Advisory Board Member
Satu Lekola (she/her) is an expert in designing people orientated wellbeing projects and services. Her working methods are a combination of discovering and exploring the challenges in different environments, defining problems, and searching answers with the means of service design. She’s also specializing in evaluating the changes that the projects or services have on people’s lives.

Satu has a degree in social welfare, social marketing and sexology. She is soon finishing her master’s degree in developing the client based social and health services in LAB University of Applied Sciences. She has 15 years of work experience in the field of social welfare. The latest is founding and rolling a social wellbeing increasing NGO Kohtaus where she works as an Executive Director.

“The Greek Goddess Athena says: Knowledge talks, wisdom listens. I think that via listening we can learn to understand each other’s thoughts, hopes and needs. And as professionals we can use our knowledge to create new possibilities for increasing people’s wellbeing.”

Masi the Dog
Masi the DogOffice dog
Masi the dog is in charge of our HQ lobby services and leads (by example) our daily chill out sessions at the office.
SAY HEY!  HEY@EQUALITYINC.FI  +358/45 121 0026