EQUALITY INC. – We make a difference


We Make A Difference

Social enterprise and a community for change.
Advocating intersectional equality and wellbeing at all levels of the society. Supporting people and organisations with their work for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Stimulated by encounters and actions creating the change for better.
In our vision the future is equal.
In our vision the society,  working life and all cultures, invite and include each one of us. A society that is equal, safe and elevating to all of us and not just for some. 
Our vision is a society that works.
Our mission is to create unconditional solidarity by strengthening our understanding of ourselves and people around us.
Together we dismantle discriminatory structures, promote equality and rave a culture that sees and treats each of us valuable.
Our strategy is to share, learn and impact together.
By bringing together diverse experiences and expertise we makea difference. By getting informed, strengthening our connections and developing new tools we make the change for better.
SAY HEY!  HEY@EQUALITYINC.FI  +358/45 121 0026